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  • Cash Offers
  • Cashback Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Clicks
  • Video Offers
  • Radio Offer
  • OfferWall

  • Account Status
  • Referrals
  • Payments


When will my account be credited for completing a Cash Offer?


Your account is credited for completing Cash Offer as soon as the advertiser reports the transaction to UniqueRewards. For most Cash Offers, this process occurs within 12 to 48 hours. Some Cash Offers with extended delayed report can take up to 30 days to credit to your account. If more than 30 days have passed since completing a Cash Offer and you have still not been credited, please send us a confirmation email from the offer and our support team will assist you further.

Why have I completed an offer but it have not been credited?


Offers sometimes fail to credit. This can be due to many reasons, including:
  • Browser's refusal to accept cookies
  • Security measures set by the operating system or other software such as popup blockers
  • Ad-blocking software, on your computer or enforced by your employer, school, or network administrator.
  • Adware/malware/spyware which can "hijack" affiliate links so that the software publisher gets credit instead.
  • Your have forgotten to click on a confirmation link from completed offer.
  • Just plain bad luck -- occasionally you may do everything right and simply not get credited.
  • Unfortunately, the system is not perfect (but it's the best we can do).
If you have previously completed the Cash Offer (either through another web site or with the advertiser directly), you will not be credited for completing the Cash Offer through UniqueRewards.

In order to minimize the risk of these problems occurring, please:

  • Temporarily disable any ad-blocking software while using UniqueRewards.
  • Clear your cookies and cache before logging in to Uniquerewards.
  • Set your browser to accept all cookies. You can find instructions on how to do so in your browser's "Help" area.
  • Always copy and paste confirmation links from email messages into the address bar of the same browser you used to sign up.

Can I complete a Cash Offer, get credited, and then cancel?


Unless the Cash Offer description specifically states that you must remain past the free trial in order to be credited, then you will receive credit from UniqueRewards for signing up for the free trial. Canceling the free trial will not affect your credit from UniqueRewards.

Some advertisers may not provide credit if you cancel immediately after signing up for the free trial without even taking the opportunity to receive their product/service so you could evaluate it.

Can I use another e-mail address when signing up for offers?


Yes, you can use any real e-mail address you have.

What if I will complete all the offers? Do your offers update? If yes, how often?


We update and add new offers every day! Come back every day and try new offers in your account! Also, you can see the latest offers which were added in the last 7 days in the "New" section. Additionally, we have a few offers that allow you to join multiple times. You may do clicks, daily surveys along with a couple of other activities every day.

May I complete an offer more than one time?


If the previous registration wasn't accepted then yes, if it was accepted - no.

What is UniqueRewards CashBack Shopping?


Cash Shopping gives you a percentage cash back just for shopping online through UniqueRewards. Simply choose a product, make a purchase and receive cash back credited to your UniqueRewards account.

When will I receive credit for my CashBack Shopping purchase?


Your UniqueRewards account is credited for completing a Cashback Shopping purchase as soon as the store reports the purchase to us. For most stores, this process occurs within 12 to 48 hours.
Some stores with extended delayed report can take up to 30 days to credit to your account.
If you have not received credit to your UniqueRewards account within 30 days, please send us a confirmation email from the offer and our support team will assist you further.

How can I make sure I am credited for my purchases?


To ensure you receive credit for your purchase, please follow the instructions below.

  • Enable Cookies
    Our tracking relies on cookies to function. If you do not have cookies enabled, our stores will not know you made your purchase through UniqueRewards . This means that the store will not be able to notify UniqueRewards of your purchase and we will not be able to give you credit for your purchase.
    Please make sure that your security software (anti-virus software) does not override this feature.

  • Enable Pop-ups
    Store websites typically open in new browser windows for your convenience. Thus, you need to have popups enabled for the Cashback Shopping section to function properly.
    Please make sure that your security software (anti-virus software) does not override this feature.

  • Do Not Bookmark
    You cannot bookmark the store website and return later to make your purchase because you will go directly to the store's site rather than being directed there as a member of UniqueRewards. This means that the store will not be able to notify UniqueRewards of your purchase and we will not be able to give you credit for your purchase.

  • Complete Spyware Scan
    Make sure you are not infected with Spyware. One of the main features of Spyware applications is to "hijack" referral information. For example, if you click on a store from the UniqueRewards Cashback Shopping page and are infected with Spyware, the Spyware application overwrites our tracking information with their own. Thus, the creator of the Spyware application is credited for the transaction and thus we are unable to credit you.

    What are coupons and what are my benefits from them?


    Coupon codes are an electronic version of the coupons you would cut out in a newspaper and bring to a store. They are used when you check out and purchase your items, too.

    Check out our "Discounts/Coupons" section which always offers great coupons! Use them, plus our cashback rebate and you SAVE BIG with UniqueRewards!

    Why do Cashback Shopping coupons sometimes not work?


    When you choose a store listed on Cashback Shopping, you are directed to that store's website, which is separate from UniqueRewards. The coupons listed on UniqueRewards are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual store so UniqueRewards cannot guarantee the validity or availability of the coupons.
    If you encounter a coupon that is inaccurate or has expired, let us know by contacting our support (support@uniquerewards.com), and we will make sure it is removed as soon as possible.

    What is UniqueRewards Surveys?


    The "Surveys" section is located in the "Cash Offers" section and consists of two types of links:

    First: Direct links to surveys.
    Second: Links to survey companies you can join and get the advertised reward amount credited to your UniqueRewards account.

    When will my account be credited for completing a Survey?


    Your account is credited for completing a Survey as soon as the advertiser reports the transaction to UniqueRewards. For most Surveys, the crediting process occurs within 1-2 business days of successfully completing a Survey. Some Surveys with extended delayed report can take up to 30 days to credit to your account. If more than 30 days have passed since completing a Survey and you have still not been credited, please tell us about it and we will credit your account.

    How do I become a Gold Member?


    When you earn $20 you will automatically become a Gold Member forever.

    What are the benefits of being a Gold Member?


    Gold Membership gives you an opportunity to get much higher commissions for offers or surveys completion and shopping. You will be earn 40% more!
    For example, you'll receive $14.00 instead of $10.00 for a simple offer!
    No other program will pay you such great rewards!

    NOTE: both Basic and Gold Members receive the same rewards for watching videos, listening to radio, and completing cash tasks. It means that Gold Members don't get additional 40% for them.

    Can I change my E-mail address and other account information?


    Yes, sure. You can change your UniqueRewards information at any time! This includes your e-mail address, password, postal address, opt-in/opt-out of our mailings and all other personal information. To make changes, just Log into your account and then click on "My Profile" on the menu bar. You will find a screen with fields to update your information.

    How do I cancel my account?


    You may cancel your Membership at anytime by clicking on the "Terminate Account" button on the "My Profile" section. If you do decide to cancel your membership, you can rejoin again at any time.

    Why can't I access to my account?


  • make sure that you enter your login and password correctly. Check the Caps Lock Button and spaces.
  • delete temporary files and cookies, and then restart your computer.

    If it doesn't help, please contact support@uniquerewards.com, and we will help you as soon as possible.

    Can I refer people to UniqueRewards and how much do I get paid for this?


    Yes, it's a really good way to earn a lot of money.
    We have an Unique Referall's System:
    1. We pay $1 when each of your referral completes his/her first offer.
    Any easiest offer! Even if its cost is only $0.10!
    2. We pay $5 for every active referral!
    It means that every time when one of your referrals earns $20 or more gets the "active" status and you also earn $5! Just once for one referral.
    3. We pay 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals! For your lifetime!

    There is no restriction on the number of referrals one can have. Read more.

    What is a Qualified Earning?


    A Qualified Earning is any credit to your referrals' account in which you receive 10% of the earnings.

    You will be credited 10% of your referrals' earnings for the following:

  • Completing offers
  • Taking surveys other than Profile Surveys
  • Shopping online

    You will not be credited 10% of your referrals' earnings for the following:

  • Sign up bonus
  • Reading Cash Email messages
  • Profile Surveys
  • Click Cash Earnings
  • Radio Earnings
  • Video Earnings
  • OfferWalls Earnings

    How do I put a banner on my website?


    Putting our banner on your website requires a bit of technical knowledge. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, please ask for help from your friends and family or search for online tutorials.

    The steps below can get you started:

    1. Visit our Referral page to view all available banners and the HTML code needed for your website. The code consists of a link to your referral link at UniqueRewards and a connection to the banner. It is not necessary to download a banner to your website.

    2. Once you have copied the text, open the window with your website's HTML code and paste the banner's code where you'd like it. You can do this by right-clicking the mouse in the appropriate spot and selecting "Paste." Save your changes and our banner should appear on your website. Note: You may have to refresh/reload your website for the banner to appear.

    How much money do I need in my account in order to cash out?


    The minimum balance for cashing out is $20.

    How do I request a payment?


    To request payment, click the "Request Payment" link in your "Balance". We'll pay you through PayPal and by check. You'll be able to choose the most suitable method for you!

    If you already have a PayPal account and it differs from e-mail address specified at our website you must add this e-mail to your PayPal account.

    If your PayPal e-mail address is the same as in our system you don't need to do additional actions to get payment, money will be sent to your PayPal account.

    NOTE: in order to ensure that the users are from allowed countries, i.e. from the USA, Canada, and the UK, UniqueRewards.com reserves the right to ask users to request their first payment by check.

    When will I receive my earned money?


    Our members are paid on a weekly basis, each Monday. For example, if you order money on Tuesday, your earnings will be sent on the following Monday evening.

    NOTE: We don't have any certain time for payments on Mondays. e.g. one week we can pay in the morning and the other week in the evening.

    UniqueRewards may delay the payment for some time if there is a suspicion that the completed offers/surveys might be reversed by the advertiser.

    If payments are delayed for some reason, we always announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected!

    How do I earn cash?


    There are many ways to earn cash on UniqueRewards! Simply browse this page to learn more, then check out your favorites or try something new!

  • Cash Offers
    You can earn cash and get great deals on products, services and information you were interested in any way! There are hundreds of offers to choose from including online and financial services, career and employment, educational, health and beauty, entertainment, dating and much more.
    Simply click on an offer you're interested in and you'll be directed to the advertiser's site. Complete the offer and you'll earn cash!
    Your account will be credited as soon as the advertiser notifies UniqueRewards. Most of UniqueRewards' partners report transactions to UniqueRewards every 2 days, but occasionally this can take up to 30 days.

  • Cash Surveys
    You can earn cash just by sharing your opinions with Cash Surveys!
    With new surveys placed daily, there's always an opportunity for you to influence tomorrow's products and services - today!
    Do consumer surveys or sign up for the survey sites to get cash & win great prizes.

  • Cashback Shopping
    It's easy to get up to 50% cash back with Cash Shopping! Simply choose a product, make a purchase and automatically receive cash back credited to your UniqueRewards account. Be sure to check out our "Coupons and Deals" subsection, which offer greater saving with coupon codes.
    In addition to getting cash back, you'll also save time and money! Avoid overcrowded malls, long lines, coupon clipping and shuffling through sale racks. Simply browse our stores, find great deals, and earn up to 50% cash back on your purchases. It's that easy to shop and save!

  • Click Cash
    Go to Click Cash section, select any offer you are interested in, click on it, visit website and receive $0.01 for it!
    Visit each website once a day and get some cash every day!

    Do not use any third party software to click the offers. Otherwise, we will block your account.

  • Cash Email Messages
    About 1-3 emails per day with special offers and incredible deals will be sent to your email address.
    Open the email and click on the message to be directed to the advertiser's website. You'll earn cash just for confirming that you've read the email ($0.01) and you can earn even more cash when you complete the offer from the advertiser! This will be between $.25 cents and $50.00+, depending upon that particular offer payout.

  • Video offers
    You can earn cash in your UniqueRewards account just for watching videos. Watch each video once a day and get $0.01 for each video watching. You get rewards as soon as we receive transaction reports from the advertisers. It usually takes around 5 minutes. However, sometimes it may take a little longer.

  • Radio offer
    You can earn cash while listening to the radio. Rewards are credited for entering captcha codes. You get paid for every submitted captcha code.

    To complete the radio offer successfully you should have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and browser.

  • OfferWall
    You can earn cash by completing easy surveys/offers via OfferWalls. Rewards are credited once in 24 hours.

    What does it mean - "Get $5.00 + 10%"?


    We pay a 10% bonus for all actions completed during the first 2 days after registration in our program. This is our special bonus for all new members!

    What do Profitability and Popularity mean at the sorting option of the offers?


    The more accepted registrations from the total amount of registrations an offer has, the more Profitable this offer is.
    The higher percentage of accepted registrations is, the higher Profitability is.
    Sorting by Popularity means by a total amount of registrations in offers.

    Additional software for completion of offers and surveys


    You should install Adobe Flash Player to complete some offers and surveys successfully. Because this application is required at some websites.

    What countries are available at UniqueRewards?


    At this time, our service is available for U.S.A, United Kingdom and Canada only.



    You can always ask your questions or chat with our other members on our forum.



    We hold different contests: weekly and monthly ones. Take part and earn extra cash! The amount of rewards will surprise you :) All winners are specified by UniqueRewards only. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

    How to play contests?

    1. Enter your account at UniqueRewards.
    2. Click Contests button (it's near Twitter and Facebook buttons).
    3. Find active contests, read the rules and click "Take part in the contest". You will be redirected to the contest. Use Facebook form to make any comments.
    It is forbidden to listen to more than one radio at a time within a Radio Contest.

    NOTE! If a contest is not active (closed or upcomming), you won't be able to take part in it. You can participate in active contests only.

    How to complete video offers?


    You should just click on the banner and watch the video till the very end. Pay attention that some videos require authorization at Facebook, etc. You'll just have to enter your login information and you will be redirected to the video at once.

    When will I get credited?


    You will get rewards as soon as we receive transaction reports from the advertisers. It may take up to 5 minutes to get credited for watching videos.

    You have also to enable JavaScript in your browser.

    How to complete radio offers?


    To complete the radio offer you should click on the radio offer (you can find it in the right sidebar in your account) -> choose any station you would like to listen to -> every 30 minutes a captcha will pop-up. You get $0.03 for every submitted captcha code. The offer is endless.

    It's allowed to use only one radio at a time.

    Why captcha doesn't appear?


    Captcha appears every 30 minutes. If it doesn't, make sure that you use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and browser or contact support@uniquerewards.com.

    How to complete OfferWall?


    To complete a survey, choose the one that you would like to complete and answer questions. Please pay attention that you may be not qualified for some surveys. Qualification doesn't depend on UniqueRewards, but advertisers only.

    To complete an offer, choose the offer and make the required actions.

    When do I get credited?


    The rewards will be credited to your account within 24 hours. If you have any problems, please send an email to support@uniquerewards.com, and we will respond within 24 hours.

    When will I get credited for my clicks?


    Rewards are credited once a day.


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